With the right technologies and tools, these goals can be easily achieved.
Improved collaboration can help improve customer service, build interactive bank kiosks, develop new product training, and reduce time-to-market.

Communication between the branches of the banks is more effective, which improves customer service. New financial products can be launched faster and for a wider audience. Training for new products or even market trend analyzes can be carried out remotely. And these are just a few reasons why financial companies around the world choose Gsecure when it comes to immediate, true-to-life collaboration and communication anytime, anywhere.

Integration of audio, video and content

Gsecure’s solutions allow users to connect in conferences, regardless of their environment. The wide range includes nearly all device types as well as the associated infrastructure solutions and management tools. Gsecure provides superior service and support for all solutions through a worldwide network of 55 offices in 25 countries.
Only Gsecure can tailor your communication network to fit your needs – with the best products, best partners, best practices, and most advanced services available in the market today.


Whether a single telephone line or large fixed voice communication systems, the Gsecure audio solutions always ensure a clear and natural voice output. An IP telephone link between headquarters, bank branches and foreign locations ensures high-quality, reliable and cost-effective communication. Applications can be integrated into IP phones to turn them into powerful productivity tools and catalysts for rapid decision-making. HD-quality speech ensures a precise understanding of what’s said, which is critical in the financial industry. Conference handsets are ideal for corporate meetings, morning broadcasts and market reports. With unrivaled value for money, it’s no wonder that financial institutions around the world are using Gsecure audio solutions to enhance collaboration, competitive advantage and lower costs.


Gsecure video solutions enable high-performance HD communications for desktops, meeting rooms, and immersive environments to deliver impressive customer experiences. Personal face-to-face conversations are the key to success in this industry. Gsecure’s HD video solutions bring financial advisors and clients together – as if they were sitting at the same table.

Important information and content, such as market reports, trading information and stock quotes, can be passed on more convincingly. Important business processes, such as interviews, tax planning, distance education and company communications, can be implemented better and faster. Gsecure helps financial institutions worldwide implement e-learning, digital marketing and sustainability initiatives.


Gsecure offers an extensive range of HD telepresence solutions via IP networks. The systems are set up so that the
business partners appear in life-size. This creates the impression of being in the same room together. These solutions are ideal for board meetings of companies whose boards are used to lifelike discussions. Wealthy clients can be given preferential treatment and get in touch with their institution’s account managers, allowing them to further differentiate their service offerings. key applications

Communication between branches

Bank customers prefer to be advised personally in a bank branch regarding services and products.
The branch structure of many banks, however, is outdated and not geared to sales targets. Gsecure’s real-time collaboration solution for stores and headquarters makes it easy to launch a new era of customer service, provide remote training, gain the expertise of colleagues in other locations, and provide timely and workable business communications. In this collaborative environment can become who better respond to customer needs and offer a wider range of products and services, such as expert contact from anywhere.

Wealthy customers

Financial institutions are evolving from “transaction specialists” to “relationship managers”. They act as experts and
consultants in a wide range of complex areas, such as taxation, retirement, or real estate. Wealthy customers and high earners rely more and more on competent banks with first-class advice and support. Gsecure gives these customers real-time access to experts and exclusive offerings that live up to their high expectations.

Morning broadcast

The morning broadcast has a long tradition in the finance industry. In doing so, market research results and other relevant information are forwarded to traders and brokers before the start of trading. With Gsecure solutions, this information can be communicated over voice or video connections. The sessions can be recorded and archived and can be played during the day. This content sharing increases productivity.